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Juran believed quality is associated with customer satisfaction and dissatisfaction with the product, and emphasized the necessity for ongoing quality improvement through a succession of small improvement projects carried out throughout the organization. His ten steps to quality improvement are:

• Build awareness of the need and opportunity for improvement

• Set goals for improvement

• Organize to reach the goals

• Provide training

• Carry out projects to solve problems

• Report progress

• Give recognition

• Communicate results

• Keep score of improvements achieved

• Maintain momentum by making annual improvement part of the regular systems and processes of the company

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  1. Manohar on Thursday 29, 2012

    One should read these ten commandments and practice by keeping on their personal desks.
    Practically or Physically involve in each point to reach successful results.
    these ten points are not only meant for Production or any Factory or manufacturing Units but also it is needed all the Organisations at all levels and sections.
    Thank you Mr.Juran.

    Manohar Rao Gade
    Senior Executive Adm./HRD,
    Avantel Limited-Hyderabad-India.
    9908118513 & 8008111954.

  2. admin on Thursday 29, 2012

    Well said Mr. Manohar!

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