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Fire Safety is of paramount importance in organizations.

In order to be fire safe, organizations need to develop the following systems:

a) fire prevention systems

b) fire emergency preparedness, and

c) fire emergency response systems

Fire Prevention

These are activities that prevent fires from happening at the first place. This includes:

  • identification of fire hazards at the workplace & their significance;
  • developing & providing for operational controls for preventing such fires, e.g. through the use of appropriate process parameter limits (e.g. temperature, pressure) that will help in avoiding fires;
  • through instructions to employees at workplace (e.g. through ‘No smoking’ boards, fire prevention signs, availability & use of MSDS of flammable substances, etc.);
  • use of smoke detectors, fire sprinklers & other similar devices in fire prone areas;

Fire Emergency Preparedness

This includes creating an infrastructure that will help in case a fire breaks out. Some of the important actions an organization can take for it’s fire emergency preparedness are:

  • Instal fire extinguishers near the fire prone areas
  • The number & type of extinguishes should be as per the type & intensity of fire possible in the area
  • Instal extinguishers where they are clearly visible & easily accessible
  • Mark the fire exits prominently with fluorescent markings or signs
  • Do not block the access to fire extinguishers or to the fire exits
  • The fire exit doors should be capable of opening to the outside
  • Display all fire prevention instructions & signs prominently, where required
  • Provide fire training to staff working in fire prone area as well as to the security staff
  • Keep the fire extinguishers and other fire prevention devices in well maintained condition
  • Clearly mark the fire exit routes and prominently display the fire evacuation plans
  • Conduct periodic fire drills to assess the preparedness and check response
  • Display the fire action instructions prominently along with contact details of the emergency control center  and other emergency service providers

Fire Emergency Response System

This includes creating a system that will operate in case a fire incident takes place. This will typically include taking the following actions:

  • Raising an alarm in case someone sees a fire (the fire action)
  • Collection of people in an emergency assembly area & their head count
  • Extinguishing of fire by those trained in the use of fire equipments
  • Seeking help from outside fire agencies & other service providers, as required
  • Recovering any persons trapped inside the fire
  • Salvaging materials, equipments & other properties, as possible
  • Providing first aid and other medical assistance to those required
  • Prevention and abatement of environmental pollution caused by the fire or fire fighting activities
  • Managing community, regulatory bodies & media on providing information on the incident

An organization should prepare an ‘Emergency Preparedness & Response Plan’ considering the above points. This plan should be maintained as a living document by making improvements in the same based on lessons learnt from the mock exercises as well as actual incidents, if any. All concerned should be periodically trained for the execution of this plan. Further, different visual controls, signs, posters, instructions and reminders on fire safety should be displayed all across the workplace to keep everyone alert & cautious. You can visit E&E’s website at the following link to have a look at some of the beautifully designed posters on fire safety


The above guidelines are based on the consulting experience of our counsellors in the field for more than 25 years. We welcome your suggestions & comments in improving these guidelines for the benefit of all.

  1. Manoneet on Monday 21, 2011

    Fire safety is becoming of great importance even in large office buildings as well. Your compilation of all the fire safety issues at one place will be of great help! Keep up the good work!!

  2. Pramod Gunthey on Monday 21, 2011

    Send me catelog

  3. Dr. Arif on Monday 21, 2011

    Very Nicely Explained.

  4. Donald Machine on Monday 21, 2011

    I learned a lot from this post, much appreciated! :)

  5. Fire Safety Expert on Monday 21, 2011

    Well, this is a wonderful post to all of us. The information have been discussed is really valuable. Besides these we should know some very simple guideline for building fire and other fire accidents. These are as follows…

    1. Install Smoke Detectors at your home and work places
    2. Always be careful while cooking
    3. Drop and roll: if fire catches your clothes then never run. STOP running and roll over to reduce the flame
    4. Use safety guard for electric devices.
    5. Match box is always for adults’ use. Keep away from children.
    6. Do not use elevators in fire affected building. Always use stairs.
    7. Visit http://www.firesafetyconsultant.com to know more about fire safety consultant.

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